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How To Clean And De-Clutter Your Office
12 November 2014
How To Clean And De-Clutter Your OfficeEven though your office is not your living space, you spend enough time in it for it to affect your state of mind. Besides, it is known that productivity is increased magnanimously in a clean environment. So every once or twice a year, set aside a time to organize your work space. It doesn’t have to be very intensive or time consuming, we certainly would not want you to come under the hammer for wasting time in office cleaning, so you can spread out the job across a week and do it in your free time. Here are some simple tips to help you go about the cleaning process.1.    De-clutterWhile this task might seem overwhelming at first, it is one of the easiest parts to take care of if you follow the steps.•    Divide your work according to your space. Begin with your desk area and then move on to each cabinet.•    File away all loose papers or important articles, collect the things that you use regularly such as pens, stapler, clips etc. and put them away neatly somewhere easy to access – like the top drawer. Shred or throw away what you don’t need.•    If you have files piling on your desk, make room for them in your cupboard or get another storage space. •    Archive and clear out your inbox, delete all unnecessary voice messages and organize the clutter of cords behind your desk.•    Throw or give away everything that you do not need, want or love. •    Mark upcoming meetings, appointments and other reminders on your calendar.•    Organize your computer files and especially your desktop screen.2.    CleanYour company probably employs professional cleaners or hires a cleaning company for the maintenance of their office area, so you don’t need to get down on your knees to scrub the place. Just ensure that the space you inhabit is cleaned on a regular basis.•    Keep a bottle of surface cleaner or homemade cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth in your office desk. Use this to wipe down your desk, files, cabinets, chairs, tables etc. •    Keep your electronics clean and dust-free on a regular basis. Use a LCD cleaning solution wipes to wipe your computer, laptop, phone, tablet screens.•    Make sure your floors are clean. If not, request the office cleaning service for a thorough sweep or do it yourself. Look into the corners, behind units and inside vents. If you use a rug, take it home and wash it.•    Clean out your drawers and cabinets thoroughly, this means picking up those tiny shreds of paper and rubber dust that sit inside the drawer.•    Throw away your trash, replenish your supplies and bring small changes to your work place often such as hanging a peg or magnetic board to organize ideas on or adding a scented wall plug-in to your work area.  3.    MaintainOnce you have cleaned your office, get in the habit of not leaving it a mess again. Before you finish each day, give a few minutes to reorganize your desk area and cabinets. File away papers as soon as you are done with them and remember to throw things away in the trash. Once a week, clear out your inbox and voice message and dust your electronics and work surfaces. If you share some areas with your colleagues, ask them to help you maintain cleanliness in the work place. Make a weekly or monthly plan and stick by it, your office will never get as dirty again.

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