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How To Carry Out A Spring Cleaning Of Your House
23 December 2014
How To Carry Out A Spring Cleaning Of Your HouseA spring cleaning traditionally is something that is coined after when the seasons change, spring arrives and we care to shed all the dusty cobwebs as well as the cold behind, inviting the fresh, beautiful season ahead that will take us into the joyous summer. With that being said, it’s always important to be able to keep our place clean, in order to avoid attracting both negativity and disease into the house (amazing how it manifests on both the physical and spiritual planes!). It is a wonderful way to welcome in the warm weather and signifies leaving the winter well behind us and there are some amazing tips we have to share with you, on how to have everything cleaned up professionally by a cleaning company, so that you can simply relax and enjoy all the pending warm weather that is finally arriving after months of bundling yourself in thick coats and warm scarves! :•    As we all know, spring cleaning is always in the details! Cleaning agencies often start from the kitchen making sure that they take out all the contents of the cupboards, top and bottom to cleaning the oven, white goods appliances as well as all the doors, floorboards and skirting boards, ensuring that the kitchen is sparkling after it has all been done. •    The company will always dust before they vacuum. Vacuuming in itself will raise a lot of dust, so they always ensure that they will dust off everything before they begin. Sometimes, they will use a feather duster on delicate areas, and sometimes they will wipe down before they begin vacuuming. The reason for this is as you are dusting, all the dust falls to the floor which the vacuum cleaner catches, not the other way around. •    One of the most secret “secrets” of most cleaning agencies is to always and always start at the top of the house and then move their way down. We understand that not everyone may be living in a house and some of us may live in flats or apartments, which in that instance, start with the most left hand part of your house and move right. This is professionally known in the cleaning industry to be one of the most effective and fastest ways to clean a house!•    Before cleaning agencies end up mopping floors, they will always sweep up beforehand. Now, you may be thinking why and this is because there might be crumbs and dirt on the bathroom or kitchen floor that will end up sticking to the mop and destroying the finish of it, so it is always best to sweep up before you begin to use water anywhere near the surface. •    Using a toothbrush to reach hard to reach areas, is one of the most effective ways that even ordinary individuals can use to clean around kitchen sinks, stove knobs as well as bathroom taps due to the dexterity of the brush. Cloths and other cleaning agents may not always be able to reach into these tough areas, however the flexible head of a toothbrush ensures that these places will always be cleaned just like the rest of the house is!

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